Why 75 years?

Lenzing AG was one of several “rayon” factories which were established by the National Socialist regime in 1938. The underlying reason was to make the German “Thousand Year Reich” independent of cotton imports by producing rayon domestically. After the war, the decision was made to continue operating the plant due to its importance for the Austrian textile industry. Austrian banks coordinated the financing, and thus became the majority shareholders of Lenzing. Over the following decades Lenzing emerged into a quality and technology leader. Lenzing grew to become the world market leader, whereas almost all other viscose fiber plants in Europe terminated production. The secret to this success has been the innovative strength to continually further develop these fibers. The history of Lenzing’s founding has been comprehensively and scientifically dealt with and documented. In 2010, following eleven years of research work, the Austrian contemporary historian Roman Sandgruber published the new standard work “Lenzing: Anatomie einer Industriegründung im Dritten Reich“ (Lenzing: Anatomy of an Industrial Start-Up in the Third Reich” (available in German only).